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Hospitality and Events

Indoor space utilization has been restricted due to the ongoing covid19 pandemic, making the use of outdoor spaces even more critical for venues profitability. Many people now prefer outdoor activities and alfresco dining and events. 

The focus is now to ensure customers seated outside, remains comfortable so they will stay, eat and drink for longer even when it's a bit nippy. Or as Andi the landlady put it in our recent blog interview:

"I wanted to care for my customers to ensure their comfort when seated outside. I knew I now and for the foreseeable future had limited indoor space and therefore more customers seated outside"

Couple being cosy outside in their Sittingsuits

Sittingsuits were designed as a green re-usable alternative to gas and electric outdoor heaters, naturally made from recycled materials. They are designed to be worn over your own coat or jacket – as an extra layer whilst sitting comfortably in your chair. Guests love to wear them and you will soon see an increase of Instagramable moments with your guests tagged at your venue.

Carlsberg Sittingsuit. Sittingsuits custom example

Customize your Sittingsuits with logo and text

It's a fun and luxurious way to give your guests a new and cosy experience that will ensure their return. In fact many reasons exists why Sittingsuits will help increase your outdoor revenue (blog post). E.g potential customers who pass your venue and see large groups having fun and being cheerful are much more likely to drop in. 


We are eager to support this important sector and hope you will reach out to hear more about the bulk packages we have available all tailored to your outdoor space. Get in touch here and start offering your guest the Sittingsuits while increasing your outdoor revenue. 

Sittingsuits_original_ (70 of 124) (Large).jpg

Sittingsuits Wash Care

Sittingsuits are machine washable and fast drying. Air Dry in just 15 minutes. We recommend you wash the garments regularly. However, for any in-between washes, we are pleased to now offer SurSol™ Alcohol Free Garment Disinfectant for your venue. 


SurSol™ Garment disinfectant is a broad spectrum anti-Bacterial garment spray that is to be used to sanitize clothing between washes. Kills 99.99% of germs and viruses including Coronavirus and enveloped viruses. Venues can leave out for customers to apply themselves for added reassurance if required or establish a fast routine for staff to do.  The advanced formulation can continue to stay active on the surface for up to 4 hours after application. 

You can order your SurSol™ in various practical sizes here

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