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Enjoy the Great Outdoors. No Excuses!

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Trust the Nordics to come up with another great idea which means you have no excuse NOT to sit outdoors, even during winter! Recent restrictions have meant we can meet other householders OUTSIDE, but not in the cosy indoors.

That is fine for the warmer months, but is a bit on the challenging side for winter, thank you! So how about wearing a sittingsuit? Sittingsuits, designed by norsemen, are light weight, and the insulated padding is made from recycled plastic bottles, so ticking the green credentials

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Scottish Field Magazine 

Elis Elliot climbs inside a Sittingsuit to put the ‘sleeping bag you can wear’ through its paces.

TIME spent in the great outdoors has always been instrumental in improving our physical and mental health, but that’s never been more important than it is right now. As the seasons change and we are forced to socialise and exercise outside, we need the right gear. To quote one of Scotland’s favourite sons, the inimitable Sir Billy Connolly: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” And these wise words fit perfectly with the ethos of the Sittingsuit.

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Surrey pub landlord says she has to close until Tier 2 restrictions are lifted

Surrey Live

Andi has tried a number of different schemes, from installing marquees to introducing 10 Danish-made 'Sittingsuits' introduced by a customer – quickly and easily washable body suits for people to stay warm as they sit outside at the pub.

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Outdoor Living Just Got Comfortable

Twickenham April 2021


"There is no such things as bad weather just bad clothes". A phrase often used in the Nordics by parents trying to get their kids outdoors to play and, being from Denmark it's one I grew up with. It's in my DNA. I'am grateful I was subjected to it as I ended up having many great outdoor adventures as a child....

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