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Norse Supply is a Shepperton-based company founded by John Haagensen. Established after finishing working in the IT industry in 2020 during the covid pandemic.  

At the height of the covid pandemic, he sought to find a product that was innovative, eco-friendly, and could address the new ways of living.  He had already received the prototype of the Sittingsuit from Denmark to be used on his boating adventures on the River Thames and fell in love with the multiple use cases their design represented as well as eco-conscious credentials.  


Soon thereafter the Sittingsuit was introduced to the UK market with Norse Supply being the main UK distributor and retailer of Sittingsuits. A strong new partnership had been born between Sittingsuits and Norse Supply. New retailers were quickly found and multiple enthusiastic customers followed.

John is grateful for the overwhelming support received from the outset and for each and every order received.


Please get in touch with any inquiries we are here to help.


Founder of Norse Supply, John Haagensen in a Sittingsuit
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