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Increase your revenue with SITTINGSUITS

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Blog by the Original Sittingsuits

Good food, great social atmosphere and fresh air provides a comfortable and relaxing experience, while enjoying the views of nature or the busy streets of the city. Outdoor dining areas allow restaurants to increase seating on days when the weather is nice and pleasant.

“Research shows that even a simple patio can boost revenue by as much as 30% - possibly more”

Couple drinking outside while wearing a Sittingsuit

Terrace seating, beer gardens and sidewalk seating give restaurants the opportunity to earn revenue from more different types of diners.

On chilly days however, those seats often go to waste. So does the profit potential.

Make your guests feel at home

When a restaurant offers their guests SITTINGSUITS, they help encourage the comfortable and social atmosphere which results in longer stays: The ability to seat even 10 more people at a time can add up to huge gains.

“guests enjoying themselves tend to draw even more people in.”

Not to mention the effects, when people passing by get a glimpse of your restaurant’s food and cosy atmosphere – guests enjoying themselves tend to draw even more people in.

This natural consequence is enhanced even more with the SITTINGSUITS: People enjoy a sense of belonging, and the suits have a huge selfie-effect – people love a fun experience to share on social media.

Lovely couple enjoying the outside while seated in their Sittingsuits

Tribe mentality

Large groups in particular enjoy the outdoor areas, because they can relax, talk and order multiple rounds of drinks in no hurry. And remember – if one person gets cold, there is a risk that the whole group will get up and leave, if you don’t have a suitable alternative indoor. This problem too, is solved by the SITTINGSUITS.

The longer your outdoor space keeps guests comfy, the more they’ll eat, drink, and be cheerful.

CONTACT Norse Supply for more information and bulk prices.

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