Frequently asked questions

When I try to register, I get a message saying email or phone number are wrong.
What could be the problem?

In order to register to SmartAgent successfully, email address and phone must match the details supplied by the travel agency as part of the pre-registration process.
Check the details with agency's contact person.

I created a valid PNR, but it was not handled by the reprice process.
What could be the reason?

In order for PNRs to be repriced, they must meet a set of requirements:
It must contain at least one active PQ. All air segments must be active. Airline reference id must exist. Agent initials must be valid and the agent must be pre-registered to SmartAgent.

According to my settings, segments with HX status should be automatically cancelled by SmartAgent and I should only receive an informative notification. In spite of that, I got a PNR cancellation notification with a PENDING status, What happened?

If the PNR is ticketed or if it is a group PNR, it will not be cancelled automatically even if you configured SmartAgent to automatically cancel segments which are in HX status.


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