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With the French banning outdoor heaters could the UK follow suit?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The french government recently announced new measures to tackle global climate change. Included in those were a ban on electric and patio gas heated devices. Barbara Pompili the ecological minister went as far as to call them an “ "ecological aberration" according to a BBC news report.

In France the ban will not come into force until after the 2020 winter due to the #covid19 crisis, which has already impacted many establishments financially during lockdown.

Covid 19 has made outside seating areas even more critical to pubs and bars revenue streams. Limitations have been set on inside seating areas due to social distancing rules. Furthermore many people now prefer being seated outside, to avoid crowded spaces and thereby decrease their risk of infection.

Could the UK government be considering a similar move to ban them in public spaces? A report from SomersetLive indicates it could indeed be hitting our shores. The local council have decided against them and will no longer extend permits to have them. Even if a ban does not come to fruition, eco-conscious landlords may choose to get rid of them. According to The Guardian a single gas fuelled heater can emit up-to 4 tonnes of CO2, almost one third of average households annual emissions. A local landlady in Laleham #Surrey furthermore told us, she spends 22 pence a minute, when her outside electric heater is on. That’s close to £15 per hour for a single heater.

It would appear sensible to look at alternatives to keep your customers cosy and warm, during the chilly seasons and even the occasional cold summer evening.

This is why we are so excited here at Norse Supply to be importing the #Sittingsuits which has taken the #Nordics by storm. Many pubs and venues there are handing out the Sittingsuits instead of using outside heating. They get branded with logos and the patrons love to have their pictures taken in them, while they enjoy a drink or an al fresco meal.

Pub-goers sat in customised Sittingsuits enjoying a pint

We believe they are a great alternative and for the #eco-conscious among you, how cool is it the padding is 100% made of #recycled plastic bottles.

If you are considering getting rid of you outside heating devices and prefer Sittingsuits, then please get in touch or simply order yours online.

Kind regards


Norse Supply

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