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No mixing of households indoors. Is get-togethers outside the new normal?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

New #covid19 restrictions were announced yesterday in Northern Ireland and more is to follow for the rest of the UK today. Wales introduced restrictions in some areas with people from different households only permitted to meet outside.

These new rules are coming into place as sadly the #covid confirmed cases are "high or rising exponentially" throughout the #UK.

In many ways I believe that a lot of people expected this to come with the continued talks of a second wave since restrictions were originally eased. As an example we had conversations with lovely Audrey from Northern Ireland who seemed to prepare for this specific scenario.

“With all the challenges we face these days I really appreciate seeing things that offer creative solutions for living with the ’new normal’!!”

Woman sat in her Sittingsuit enjoying a coffee outside

Stay cosy, warm and comfortable outside

Speaking in context she was looking for a solution so that she and friends from the Strangford Lough sailing club could continue to meet up outside while adhering to social distancing. This was a conversation prior to the new rules being implemented in Northern Ireland and now Scotland.

Group of friends at a pub. Seated outside in their warm Sittingsuits

We hear many examples of this concern on a daily basis; how may we continue to meet up ideally outside. Her group of friends ordered the #Sittingsuits for them all and I am thrilled they have been delivered in time.

We are indeed living in challenging times and it appears we must adapt to spend more time outside. Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer explained earlier this year: is absolutely categorically clear that outdoor spaces with higher degrees of ventilation are less problematic environments for transmission than indoor spaces” (source Inews)

Here at Norse Supply we hope to help make the transition more comfortable and cosy by providing that extra layer of #clothing that keeps you warm when meeting friends and family. If you too are looking for a solution get yourself and friends a Sittingsuit today.

Stay safe out there and perhaps we should embrace this new normal and enjoy the great British #outdoors. It is after all a beautiful place to be :)

Kind regards


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