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Warm guests stay, eat and drink for longer

Monday the 12th was a day of celebration for many in England with the long awaited reopening of the pubs and restaurants. Only venues with outdoor areas were allowed opening. However people went out to support their locals in force and were full of smiles. Analysis from CGA showed an increase in sales of 58.6% compared to the same day last year. A welcomed relief for the hospitality industry.

The day started with snow, then stunning afternoon sun, finished off with a chilly spring evening. The typical ever changing British weather some might say. Norse Supply went to visit our local pub the Feathers in Laleham, to show support and join the celebrations. It was lovely seeing life again and meeting some faces we hadn’t seen since the second lockdown began. The sense of unity, community and joy were absolutely contagious. A few celebratory cheers were had with everyone participating. We were all smiles.

The pubs that were allowed to open had prepared to keep guests comfortable based on the many wonderful pictures seen on Instagram. Gazebos, tents and outdoor heaters have been installed en masse. Despite the restrictions in place, it’s encouraging that so many venues make the most of it and adapt.

Other venues such as the Feathers in Laleham have also installed lovely tents and covered areas for comfort and to shield for the most likely rain. However instead of gas and electric heaters, Andi the landlady has opted to offer Sittingsuits to her customers. In earlier conversations with her the reasoning being that the cost of heaters are expensive, with one of them amounting to 22p per minute. She also likes the sustainability aspect of the Sittingsuits as they can be used over and over again. It was lovely to see how most of her guests wore a Sittingsuit at the opening. The evening in particular got chilly but her guests remained comfortable in their borrowed Sittingsuits. It was encouraging and lovely to see that Andi was indeed right when she in a previous interview said

“Warm and comfortable customers eat and drink for longer”

This certainly was the case at the re-opening.

Our customers and Norse Supply believe that Sittingsuits is a suitable green and recycled alternative to outdoor heaters. We continue to speak with venues who wish to maintain their green and climate friendly profile but at the same time seek to offer a cosy, comfortable and warm alfresco experience for their guests.

We therefore hope you will get in touch to hear more about offering Sittingsuits to your valued guests. Outdoor living and alfresco dining can and will be comfortable.

Kind regards


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