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There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." A phrase often used in the Nordics when trying to get the kids outdoors to play. It’s a phrase I grew up with being from Denmark, it’s in my DNA. I feel grateful that I was subjected to it as I ended up having many great outdoor adventures as a child.

We lived next to some woodlands, we played hide and seek, dug for treasures, and even had our own “secret” caves. I also proudly ate an “unknown” mushroom and broke both my wrists falling from a rope swing. My mum was not too impressed. To her relief, it was indeed the edible penny bun I had consumed and not a poisonous fly agaric. I on the other hand became the cool kid cycling to school with both arms in a cast. It was an eventful childhood and we were out in all weather.

Mushroom on the forest floor

However, I admit as I became older I quickly learned the comfort of staying in with hot chocolate (read: wine), hearty food, blankets, and the TV on. Perhaps I am not alone?

I lived my life comfortably like that until it became obvious I needed to move more and get outdoors again. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." which as it turns out is still true even with the fine British weather.

I feel much better having re-discovered the outdoors and perhaps this is the reason why, I am so excited about introducing the Sittingsuit to the UK. An eco-friendly product that really encourages spending more time outside. We often hear our customers are indeed wanting to be outdoors for longer. Mel from Ashford said about the Sittingsuits:

"They are perfect when you want to spend more time outdoors”

Jeanett who went on a staycation to Isle of Harris, were able to stay out for longer she said:

“known for changeable weather we used them nearly every day to sit in the dunes with a flask of coffee”

Man by the lake in his navy Sittingsuit

We absolutely love to get this feedback, often these stories are accompanied by lovely pictures shared with us. Please keep them coming.

I also believe for better or worse that, the covid crisis has taught or forced us to be outside more than before the pandemic. Outdoor socially distanced meets are now the new normal. We exercise more outside hence a significant increase in open water swimming, walking, running etc. Michelle from Shepperton shared:

“My Sittingsuit has become even more useful with social distanced outdoor catch-ups”

I sincerely hope that Norse Supply will continue to be a part of this growing outdoor movement. The outdoors is a great place to be, healthy and good for the mind and soul. Let's all keep it up and get some fresh air and if you want to stay warm why not check out our cosy Sittingsuits :)

All the best


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