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Sittingsuits - the ultimate jacket for the outside pub

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The United Kingdom were this week hit by new covid restrictions due to increased infection rates. In Scotland and for the hospitality and pub industry this means for the time being that :

  • Indoors: all premises may only open indoors between 6 am and 6 pm, with no sale of alcohol.

  • Outdoors: all premises may open outdoors until 10pm, including for the sale of alcohol, if licensed to do so.

  • current meeting rules apply in hospitality settings: maximum of 6 people from 2 households.


Friends drinking a glass of wine in their Sittingsuits

In other words people who wish to enjoy a relaxing pint or glass of wine after work will have to do so outside. This coincides with Autumn being here and areas such as Aberdeen seeing temperatures not going above 12 celsius in the week ahead. It can come as no surprise that punters got a tad chilly when this was introduced.

Images from The Black Dog, Aberdeen showed a guest sat in her sleeping bag to keep warm while others evidently cold. It is understandable that venues must now do their best to survive under the circumstances that covid19 and politicians present. Outside beer gardens are essential to maintain revenue and serve alcohol at least in Scotland, which is exactly what the Black Dog in Aberdeen does with their new take-away service. We wish them well and hope their regulars will continue to support them!

Punters snug and warm enjoying a pint in the pub wearing Sittingsuits

At the Feathers in Laleham Sittingsuits has been offered to guests to accommodate for this new alfresco and at times chilly outdoor pub experience. We believe the landlady had great foresight and vision to understand where the rules were heading. Guests here can be seated in comfort in their Sittingsuit, while having a drink without being in an inclosed space.

Sittingsuits can be worn over your existing clothing to keep you cosy and warm when outside. In case your local does not offer them as part of their service. You can acquire your own (Buy Now) to bring along or request your landlord to buy them. Bulk orders for pubs is available here. We can brand the Sittingsuits with a pubs logo or your name upon request.

Once a Sittingsuit is on it is near impossible to take off. Simply to cosy and snug!

These are unprecedented times we hope to support as many venues and punters as possible. Stay safe, stay warm and hopefully in the ultimate pub jacket - the Sittingsuit



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