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Sittingsuits and the Open Water Community

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

One of my biggest joys selling Sittingsuits, is getting to meet and hear from our customers buying them. Having spent most of my adult life in IT sales I am now engaging with whole new communities, businesses, sports and activities. It’s exciting and I am learning from them all.

We had some idea about who would be buying and benefiting from Sittingsuits, however I had not initially thought of the open water community. To be honest I knew very little about it and still do. However more and more wild swimmers are buying them to deal with the after drop. Yes I did some studies to learn that term and many others. is a great resource for a novice like myself or simply a curious soul. After a wild autumn or winter swim “cold blood from your limbs and skin returns to your core where it mixes with warmer blood thereby causing your deep body temperature to drop”.

This is why it's important to quickly dress warm to regain normal core temperature. Hence the Sittingsuit becomes one of many layers deployed. While the Sittingsuit was not designed specifically for open water swimming; it certainly fulfills the requirement to warm up quickly.

The padding made of recycled plastic bottles has great insulating properties making it incredibly warm. Sittingsuits does not have towel inner lining like dryrobes, changing robes and ponchos more traditionally used, but it appears that this is a preferred feature by our customers. In return it makes the Sittingsuit lightweight, easy to transport and fast drying air dries in 15 minutes.

Sittingsuit review by Everyday Athlete Rachel Andrews

I have been inspired by the many people I have met, so much so I have asked Michelle a local open water swimmer if she would kindly introduce me to it. She has agreed and I am thrilled to be taking the leap into the Thames next Wednesday morning. I will of course come fully prepared with my Sittingsuit ready to heat me up after the swim. Wish me luck and keep an eye out as this novice swim will be well documented.

Should you be interested in a Sittingsuit yourself for your open water adventures then please buy online or get one from the knowledgeable swim specialists at

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