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Patio heaters and fire pits - Sittingsuits the green alternative

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Multiple articles were published over the last week talking about the increased interest in patio heaters and fire pits.

  • “Sales of patio heaters and fire pits soar by 400% as homeowners desperately prepare for winter outdoor entertaining under new Tier 2 rules” (Daily Mail)

  • Covid restrictions: How to socialise in English tiers this winter (BBC)

  • Covid: How are pubs in Wales preparing for winter? (BBC)

Two women in a pub, snug and warm outside in autumn
The Feathers in Laleham

The underlying reason is of course covid which is fundamentally changing our ability to socialise inside.

Many individuals, families, pubs and restaurants are preparing for winter and outdoor entertaining. Anyone living under the tier 2 and tier 3 covid restrictions can only socialise with friends outdoors. The pubs and restaurants are adapting and investing in outdoor space when available. Common for all is they seek to create a warm and comfortable experience.

Outdoor heaters seem to be the first place to investigate hence the 400% increase in sales within the UK. However many individuals are concerned about this trend and looking at green alternatives to outdoor heaters. Concerns around carbon emissions and climate change being the main cause for concern.

@davidwatson_ from twitter talking about patio heaters
@debutton from twitter talking about patio heaters
@susannah4europe from twitter talking about outdoor heaters

Our customers and Norse Supply believe that Sittingsuits is a suitable green and recycled alternative to outdoor heaters. We already speak with many venues (ask for a reference if required) who wish to maintain their green and climate friendly profile but at the same time seek to offer a cosy, comfortable and warm alfresco experience for their guests.

Please get in touch so we can discuss how we can customize the Sittingsuits to include your logo or a complete unique design where you choose the colors. There is a green alternative to outdoor heaters you are looking at it so get in touch now. Shop now.

Kind regards


Couple having a drink outside in their Sittingsuits

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