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Extend your boat season on the Thames

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The boating season was cut short this year due to covid. The marina’s along the Thames and elsewhere were prohibited from opening until mid May due to the lock down.

Boat owners understandably rushed to their boats to finally enjoy cruising up and down the river. We remember the first sunny weekend clearly. The river and locks were finally full of life and happy captains once again. We even spotted a few raised glasses of G&T that particular day. It was a joyful weekend and many conversations about the wait endured, conversations focused on how pleased we all were to be back. Happy times indeed! We hope you all had a great summer boating season? A season now replaced with autumn and the fast approaching winter months.

River Thames in autumn taken by Shepperton

However with the short season had, many boat owners seem not prepared to end the season just yet. We believe for as long as the river levels permit, owners will seek to extend their season for as long as possible. And why not, afterall the Thames is a beautiful place to be in Autumn and winter.

How can we extend the season then? The obvious answer is to dress for the occasion. As they say in Scandinavia:

"There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes."

Dress warm and dress to be comfortable for those autumn moments on the river. Last weekend in Surrey the temperature was around 10 degrees. We were out and occasionally met other boat owners. I noted in particular one lady wrapped in her blanket enjoying the views. Whatever it takes, let's all make full use of the Thames while we can - our boating season continues.

Boat owner in a lock during autumn in a Sittingsuit

Perhaps you are looking for something to keep you warm and cosy on the river? The Sittingsuit is ideal as that extra layer to keep you snug. Almost like a wearable sleeping bag, windproof and water repellent perfect to extend your boating season. Order online or simply pick one up from Nauticalia as you pass Shepperton Lock.

There are many more wonderful memories to be made on the Thames in 2020!

Kind regards


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