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Alfresco Christmas

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

2020 did not turn out as many of us would have imagined, the coronavirus causing havoc throughout. Lockdown on and off, restrictions imposed, seeing friends and family, banned from seeing them. Permitted to see friends and family outside. Pubs open then closed. What a year what chaos it has been but salute to the people in the UK who adapted and have done incredibly well.

It's therefore not surprising that we all expect Christmas to be somewhat different this year. In fact, we are hearing of many families now planning their first-ever Alfresco Christmas in the UK. Let’s look back at the weather last year on Christmas Day.

People celebrating alfresco Christmas

In most parts, we started with frost and fog which eventually gave way to sunshine. The temperature in Scotland got as low as minus 3 with highs at 8 degrees in the South. This year, we can only hope for similar or warmer weather for the alfresco Christmas gatherings. It will be a sight to behold and I sincerely hope that the ingenuity of the British people will be shared far and wide on social media. The creativity we have heard of certainly bodes well for a successful outdoor Christmas. We are impressed!

We heard of one family whose mother sadly got diagnosed with lung cancer earlier in the year. Thankfully she is responding well to treatment, however with covid still around and her continued immunosuppression they will celebrate outside. They are building gazebos, fire pits, and outdoor cooking facilities to carry on. We wish them the most wonderful Christmas and mother a speedy recovery.

A local family in Shepperton is also planning an alfresco Christmas including it would seem mandatory fire pit, food and wine.

Despite politicians already airing more lenient rules over the Christmas period, people are clearly preparing to stay outdoors.

It will be different this year but personally, we think it will be an amazing, unique and joyful experience for the folks who leap outside. The stories we have heard prove just how resilient and creative the people in the UK are.

Group of friends sat outside in their Sittingsuits

It might be a tad colder than previous years but if you dress warm you too can celebrate your alfresco Christmas in comfort. Norse Supply has already sold a fair amount of Sittingsuits to ensure warmth and coziness, there are more left for now. Get your Sittingsuit today to stay warm at your alfresco Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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