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2021 the year to be spend outdoors?

The covid vaccines are being dispensed at pace and we are many who are eager to see an ease of the restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic. An announcement will be made on February 22nd outlining the roadmap for the re-opening. We can only speculate what may be deemed safe to open up. However, it would appear that we will not simply go back to normal life despite the best efforts and progress being made.

Woman getting a covid vaccine

Pubs and restaurants will re-open at some point too. Fingers crossed we will be allowed an actual pint when they do and not just soft drinks. I believe most of us miss the great atmosphere, meeting friends and making new ones. Pubs are a big part of our local communities and I personally look forward to re-unite (safely) with my fellow Sheppertonians. I look forward to reuniting with friends and my favorite landlady at the Feathers in Laleham. Have a drink overlooking the Thames at the Red Lion or Thames Court, ahh the pure bliss it will be.

Man in a Sittingsuit sat by the Red Lion in Shepperton

I suspect that once pubs and restaurants are re-opened it will be with some continued restrictions to maintain social distancing, meaning limitations on indoor space utilization and continued encouragement of using the outdoor seating areas. In addition, I believe and what we often hear from our customers, they would prefer to be seated outside even after a re-opening. It will take time to adjust to the new way of living, post covid whenever that time might be.

Limitations on inviting people home may remain, I suspect if eased it will revert back to the rule of 6. Larger gatherings may have to be outside in parks and other open spaces. I for one have treasured the ability throughout to exercise daily with one other person from another household. I took up open water swimming in November and have become part of a great online and outdoor community, which I hope soon to meet in real life. Thanks, Surrey Outdoors Swimmers for the warm welcome, I can’t wait to meet you all once permitted.

Man outdoors in a navy and orange Sittingsuit

Covid has changed so many aspects of our lives and we believe in particular towards spending much more time outdoors in the fresh air. We firmly believe that 2021 will be the year spend outdoors. In a way, many of us will probably be better off for it too. We of course also know that the weather may not always be the best on our fine Isle. However, that shouldn’t stop us after all "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.

We are so pleased to see an increased uptake of our eco-friendly Sittingsuits in anticipation of customers wanting to spend more time outside while remaining comfortable and warm. As a small business, we are thrilled to fulfill this new and growing need for outdoor socializing outerwear. And please remember when you support a small business such as Norse Supply, someone is literally doing a happy dance. We are ever so grateful for all the support received throughout these very testing times. Thank you, thank you and thanks again!

Stay safe, stay warm until we all reunite again.

All the best


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