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The NORDBAEK jumpsuit has a great fit especially designed for hiking, biking and wearing to and from your daily cold water swim.

All jumpsuits have adjustable waist-elastics on the inside. Tighten or loosen the elastic to get the perfect fit for your body and feeling of comfort.

If you are very skinny and like a tight fit we advise you to move excess fabric to the back side of the jumpsuit and keep the front side more ‘clean’. This will provide a very stylish look :)

Please note:

  • Our jumpsuits generally size a bit large depending on body shape.

  • Example: A woman height 170 cm and weight 60 kg fits our size 36-38 perfectly.

  • All sizes have room for curvy bodies



Jumpsuit upper body lengths listed below size chart.

If on a mobile phone please scroll right for full overview.


If you want to double check if a certain size will be a good fit for you, try to measure your upper body from the highest point on your shoulder (above the collarbone) to the bottom of your crotch. Remember to measure a bit across the body to also include your bosom in the measurement as the bosom will take up some of the length of the upper part of the jumpsuit.

IMPORTANT: The below measurements are a guideline only and must be compared to the information in the size guide. All bodies are different and it’s very individual from person to person if we prefer a tight or a loose fit etc.

Measurement: 68 - 71,5 cm - choose str. 34-36

Measurement: 71,5 - 74,5 cm - choose str. 36-38

Measurement: 74,5 - 78 cm - choose str. 38-40

Measurement: 78 - 81,5 cm - choose str. 40-42

Measurement: 81,5 - 85,5 cm - choose str. 42-44

Measurement: 85,5 - 89,5 cm - choose str. 44-46


Screenshot 2022-04-14 133046.png
Screenshot 2022-04-14 133104.png
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