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Sittingsuits Features

The Sittingsuit is the extra layer that keeps you warm on chilly days, designed to last and keep you comfortable no matter the weather. 

They are big enough for you to wear over your coat, as an add-on when necessary. It covers your legs down to your ankles, and has practical side openings, for you to reach into your bags and pockets underneath.
Relax and enjoy unparalleled comfort and “Original Danish Hygge”. 

  • Water repellent ideal for light to medium rain

  • Windproof  

  • Ideal temperature range -5°C to 20°C (23-68 °F)

  • YKK Heavy high-quality zipper.

  • Made from eco-conscious recycled materials

    • Padding made of 100% Recycled plastic bottles ​

  • Oeko-tex certified fabrics

  • One-size and floor-length like a wearable sleeping bag

  • Elasticated hood to protect against wind and can dual function, to wrap Sittingsuit within for ease of transport

  • Lightweight at just 1.2 kg 

  • Pocket slits/openings for easy access to pockets or bags underneath

sittingsuits_2021_josefine_blue (50 of 1) (Large).jpg
Size Guide Sittingsuits (Large) (1).jpg


  • Length 132 cm (50″) / Circumference 172 cm (68″) / Sleeve to sleeve 174 cm (69″)























  • Padding: 100 % Post-consumer Recycled Polyester / RPET / Oeko-tex certified

  • Shell and lining fabric: 100 % Polyester / Oeko-tex certified

  • Fabric features: Water-repellent / Windproof

  • Unit weight: 1,2 kg 

  • Wash/care: Machine wash 30/40°C / No tumble dry necessary / Air-dry in 15 minutes (recommended)

Friends in the marina sat in their warm Sittingsuits
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